true detective is really good!

people who are exactly the same as they were in 2011 ♡♡♡

should i change my url to blondiere for this new period in my blog?

i do miss this blog though. i never really fought with anyone on it.
ah, well, to remaking i go!

hey lovelies how would you feel about me starting this blog over?

woah what you can reblog asks now? tumblr finally listened?

  1.  gloomylittleprincess said: i love you i am tori if you remember me

How could I not remember you???? HI!!!!!!!!

everyone has changed so much wow

Anonymous: I miss you being on tumblr ;~;

awh, love, i miss being here too. i’ve just been so busy, my life is changing faster than i’ve wanted it to! 

(and of all the blogs i follow so few of them have remained pale it’s impossible for me to find content from people i consider friends of some sort, which was something that made blogging nice. plus my blog looks nice pale and i’m too selfish to change.)

thank you for your love (◠‿◠✿)